The Elephant's Head

June 2003

The weather was kind and the Huntís had done an excellent job with the stage, so all we had to do was turn up and remember the songs (sounds easy).

On arrival I was concerned especially when Jon ordered a cider, things can only go down from here.  My fears were confirmed when at 6.00pm we had our first complaint from a neighbour (3 miles away).

After blagging our way through this early scare we were soon on our way thumping through the set.  A big risk was that we had decided to add a few of the old numbers and in true STB spirit we had only practiced these once since dropping them over 7 years ago.  Things went surprisingly well and the crowd were relaxed at there tables knocking back the bevies.

The big surprise and turning point was Jonís apparently fluent rendition of Turning Japanese in Japanese.  Apparently he spent 12 years there and was very confident in communicating with the Chinese girl in the crowd.

Soon after this and thanks to some translation from Del the crowd were more involved and then let rip to Fat Lip.

The Gig went well and we were pleased to see so many of you there, a special pat on the back to Rich (Beryllium) for making such a good job of the sound, (About time) and also for helping pack up even though he was late.


We couldn't borrow Ant's van for this gig, so Smithy came up trumps and lent us his truck...  Nice!
And we all know the saying about dogs looking like their owners...  Well this van most certainly drives like its owner!  Anyone who knows Dave Smith will know what I am taking about!

Due to the overwhelming length of out mains leads, 'As the crow flies' was the necessary order of the day for the cable routing.

Malc taking it easy

Neil with his new toy

My, what a big log you have laid...

Yeah righty-ho Jon, as if you new how to play one of these things!

Boing!  The crowd pogo

Jo's friend joined the boys for a bit see-saw action.  Though the scales weren't very balanced due to the overwhelming appendages she had been smuggling down her blouse.

Gnaw gnaw...  All those wood chipping weren't on the floor before she got on that see-saw I am sure!  She removed a sizable chunk of it you know!
For those with bad eyesight, see here: Gnawing Beaver Zoom Shot...  see the woodchips fly!

Crash!  Jo, being Jo, decides to rugby tackle Gooner!  Both parties were ok with no lasting injuries...
(Edit: See Gooner's analysis of this tackle after the Flimwell Gig, the week after)

Due to the lack of tranquilizer dart gun, something had to be done to calm Jo down...  Jon stepped up to the challenge and finally managed to bring her to the ground

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