Flimwell Festival
June 2003

Yes Festival!! And can I just say what an excellent and well organised event it was. Our initial introduction to the organisers was unfortunately myself (who was particularly excited by the whole thing) o we met Kelly who mad some comment about the Who of which I wanted to be like my idol Keith so continued to be goby (No change there) It was also good to see our sound engineer friends from Tonbridge.

I would also like to say what a shame about the problems with the Lorries as the emergency stage was like something from Reading Festival.

With 4 bands and fantastic weather it was sure to be a great day, Abandon were on first and using my kit which was great as I got to hear what it sounds like and also good to see it played properly (Thanks Alex).

Then it was us! Going on at 5.45 was a new task for us as we normally like to hide the ugly singers in the darkness. My concerns that this might upset a few were wrong and we all enjoyed the change. The singers grasped the fact that we would be off very early and able to hit the bar (Which they did).

It was also great to see lots of children there who experienced a calm version of the Shot’s. As my daughter was one of these I was very pleased that we were on early. I will never forget the experience of seeing her eyes light up when she realised it was her Dad making all the noise. From a playing view we did well and despite the crowd being calmed by the sun and potentially a lot less drunk than we need to sound good. We were soon off and on our way to the bar to be entertained by Santanarama & Sweet FA. Both doing there thing well.

On the whole a great day out and we hope to get a chance to be back next year, thanks to the many of you that attended and for your supporting comments.




Who's the fattest...  The jury is still out out on that one...
But we can clearly see that Brian is a clear loser... and also no the fattest either ;-)

Neil with the forth Amigo: El Goono...  And what big maracas he's got!

Bit hot are we Paul?

Our stage for the day...  A real pukka one!!!

Look out, Mibbers is on the scene!

The legendary STB banner goes up...

Due to the height of the stage, we had to specify that there was a ramp fitted so that Del could be rolled up on to it for the start of the gig.

Speaking of Del...  Here he is in all his splendour!

And the crowd go wild when the Shots are on stage!
(Perhaps some more alcoholic lubrication and a bit more darkness was required)

Looking good Trouble J!!!!

Phil got all excited when he got to meet his hero of the night, hero of the night, Nick from Sweet F A
(Note the hand on his semi)

Phil carrying home the crate of Stella that the beer tent kindly donated to the band.  Very nice people.

Hello, I'm Trousered and so is my wife!

It's Basil !

Now it was time for Gooner to document Jo's rugby tackle at the Elephant's Head gig.
With the aid of the blackboard, Gooner plotted all the key person positions, trajectories and collision points...  It all got a bit confusing...

So he tidied it up...



boogieing the night away...

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