Rusthall FC
September 2001

Gig Review

Following the sad demise of the Great White Van (see Tarq's review).

tarqs_2001-08-25_18-03-56.jpg (66063 bytes)
Even the 'van hammer' broke!

It was agreed that we would not use the van with no lights, MOT or insurance.  Paul managed to borrow a van from Pete (To whom our thanks goes out, especially from Richard, who's licence was on the line!).  This seemed like a great solution but unfortunately meant we had to unload and reload all our equipment, even the things we don't use, that have accumulated over the past ten years were loaded. I am sure you can appreciate that a hard working band like STB collects a few bits of rubbish along the way. It was amazing what we found (inc, blow up doll, dead animals, clothes as well as hundreds of empty cans, bottles and half eaten kebabs!).

Once loaded we set off for Rusthall and were soon setting up and wondering if the radio would again be picked up through the PA. We also had a classic comment from Del while looking for somewhere to plug the lights in he found the ideal power source and was heard saying " Go on stick it in there its the emergency lighting" Jon meanwhile was hanging off the roof trying to set up our extensive light show (all three of them).

Once sound checked we disbursed to get ready, some going home, Brian to bath and feed Alexandra, Jon to finally shower after football especially as he scored a hat-trick. The others off to the pub to relax for the gig, in other words drink and stuff there faces (Richard & Del)

Fully refreshed we all met back at the marquee and were surprised at the number already gathered, a good decision by RFC to set the bar up in the marquee (less distance for us to walk).

The first set started reasonably well until Paul's new amp decided to play up and kept cutting out when ever he played a load bit or a solo (Lucky it wasn't Neill) With some fine efforts from Malc filling the missing parts we managed to get through the first set all be it a little fast in places (What's new) and with a lot of crowd anticipation especially from the females. We also experienced some fine dancing from one particular guy and that is not the one who had his feet nailed to the ground!

Del looks on as john tries to lick the beer out of a bottle...  I think?!

"That'll be another Lyric change then!" notice Malc and Neill.

Go for it boys!!!

Brian looking confused.  All part of being a drummer apparently.

Will it play anything... or won't it...???

In the break the technical guys were soon looking at the problem and managed to fix it (Jon, Phil, Del & Brian were obviously not required and were at the bar)

It was him!!!

"Here you are mate... Have some beer."
And who said the Shots' weren't generous...???  (it was free beer for us that night!)

Stop breathing in Derek!

Phil Giving it some passion.

The second set was superb.  And the crowd really got involved, with some fine participation and in places some supportive vocals.  Especially Robbie & co for Delilah.

Now it's not very often that we drag people on stage and find that... a) they know the words.  And, b) they knew how to sing...
These guys knew both!!!
Hats off to them!  Wanna be in the band???
Beryllium the sound engineer was gutted though...  He usually like to have a laugh listening to the mic channels on the mixing desk with his headphones, listening to the god-darn-awful flat/monotone/tuneless/screeching that usually propagates from the guest singer's mouths...  some being also blackmail material!!!  Not this time though.
Just find Beryllium when Delilah starts and he'll let you have a listen and a laugh  :-)

We were also privileged to see a fine Thong selection which Jon (being our thong expert) noted them as being from M&S, knickers of the night however go to Phil's friend who was sporting the largest pair of silver mesh knickers we have ever seen.

Why does everyone listen to what we tell them to do???!!!

There's got to be some somewhere...

Found some!

The Shot To Bits love machine gets to work!

Jon's fine dancing in Madness was also fantastic.  Although rumours are he has pulled his groin!

Nice beer stains lads!

The organisers
"Nice to meet the pair of you!"

We were soon off and receiving lots of praise for a fine performance despite blowing one of our amps and then packed up and were off home via the kebab shop, unfortunately remembering that we had to again re load our van.

No Jon, not there!

Knock  knock-knock knock knock...
Haaaaappy Biiiiiirthdaay tooooo yooooouuuu...  Arrrrgghhh
...Where were you Vic???

Del was then caught on film driving the only vehicle capable of carrying his weight.

...I love my tractor!

And we finish with the fantastic example of Shot To Bits team working and organisation!
In the form of... Packing the Van: The Movie!
Click to watch the video clip (Windows Media Format)


All in all, a fantastic night.  And we look forward to our next gig.



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