Tarquin's 30th - Four Elms
August 2001


Gig Review

Tarq's party in the Marq'!

Well what an evening.

It all started well when we had to load the van and discovered that the indicators and lights were not working! Could things get worse OHHHH Yes.

Once we set off, Rich was complaining how badly the van was handling.  Jon & Brian gave him the normal amount of attention and continued to relax in the back amongst the swinging lights and equipment. They soon paid attention when the normal urine smell was overcome by a strange burning smell. In a mild panic Rich pulled off the road, in explaining our concerns to the guys following, they were met with a few laughs and especially from Malc, who could not control his laughter and explained that it was the hand brake.

Off we set again a little more relaxed as to having a reason for the burning it was soon forgotten and the normal van smell soon returned (MMMNNNNN nice).

We soon arrived at Four Elms to be met by a few strange looks by the rest of the guys (excluding Malc, who was lost!).  It didn't take long to realise that the van was not going to fit into the garden.  Faced with the prospect of carrying all the gear the band went into solution mode and soon devised a plan.  Using Malc's van, we could shift the gear closer and save our backs.  Excellent!  Unfortunately when trying to position the band van, it wouldn't start!  We soon had the engine cover off and the more technical amongst us (i.e. everyone bar Brian, Jon & Phil) were hammering the engine, until the head fell off.  We soon fixed it by bump-starting it (not easy on a 24 ft van!)

tarqs_2001-08-25_18-03-56.jpg (66063 bytes)
Paul loses his head... of the hammer that is!

We eventually set up in a fantastic venue, a small stage with suckling pigs and free bar plus a bouncy castle. We all took full advantage and ate, drank and were merry.

tarqs_2001-08-25_20-14-02.jpg (56057 bytes)
They say the camera never lies...  Sorry Del!

Being fancy dress (70's theme), there were a few fantastic outfits... especially the small dresses (Derek's especially!)

tarqs_2001-08-25_21-10-16.jpg (61695 bytes)tarqs_2001-08-25_22-44-10.jpg (61615 bytes)
Don't we look great!        Go for it Del!

tarqs_2001-08-25_22-49-12.jpg (62636 bytes)tarqs_2001-08-25_22-50-24.jpg (54471 bytes)
Among the guests:  Super Man, Wonder Woman, etc...

During the set, we were joined by two of the biggest wasps ever seen!  And the band were very conscious, especially when Del remarked on how well they were hung. Malc also did well as he had a bad Headache.

tarqs_2001-08-25_22-46-36.jpg (30608 bytes)
Please believe us that it really is bigger than it looks!   Honest!

Tarq' was a main man although we did have a concern over whether he ate his fake 'tash, he also joined us for a few songs and was impressive in Walking on Sunshine.

tarqs_2001-08-25_23-17-46.jpg (54290 bytes)
Tarq' and his Dad!!! Why, why, why?... and all that.

We wish him all the best and look forward to his 40th.

It was also good to see Wayne from the Release, who would have joined us on stage if he could've moved.

After the gig we soon cleared up although Rich had a bad fall down a bank and damaged his ankle.  Its times like this we realise how much he does.

tarqs_2001-08-26_00-29-25.jpg (78426 bytes)

Once all packed away it was back to the bar for a few more.

tarqs_2001-08-25_23-38-50.jpg (39462 bytes)
Arrrggghhhh!!! It's Christopher Biggins!!!

tarqs_2001-08-25_23-48-02.jpg (22556 bytes)

Del got head from a pig, or was it a pig's head?

tarqs_2001-08-26_00-59-30.jpg (45590 bytes)
Del with a sun-tan...  and on the left...

We also had a few goes on the bouncy castle.

tarqs_2001-08-25_23-48-20.jpg (41499 bytes)tarqs_2001-08-25_23-50-22.jpg (26905 bytes)tarqs_2001-08-25_23-51-00.jpg (35237 bytes)
Bouncy bouncy bouncy!!
And that was just the contents of Del's trainer bra!


All in all, a thoroughly good night!



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