Thank You To...

The Band wish to thank the following people that have helped and supported us over the years:
This list is in no order whatsoever and is totally incomplete!)

Ron Chapman - for the White Hart...  where it all began!

Chris & Maureen - for lots and lots...  practice room, studio, accounts, the garden party (Wallcrouch Stadium), etc.

Tony Horner - for the bass amp and cab.

Clive & Cod - for the disco fever 

Steve 'Mouse' Weston - for the shot to bits sound.

The Big Squeeze - for some descent music before we come on.

Steve 'Gooner' Harvey - for...  where shall I start...

Steve Bateman - for managing the beer.

Big Dave Smith - for falling asleep after every gig

Big John Morris - for the 32 pints of Guinness. 

Dave 'Sharky' Dudds - for helping Beryllium

'Mad' Mick Weston - for the live sax on stage

Ray Bonza - for the PA (on credit!)

Alan 'Smashy' Testot-Newick - for Brian's drums, etc.

Anthony Ayres - For letting us borrow his van!

Fi(arse) - for the cartwheels and nause at the front.

And everyone else that thinks they deserve some thanks!

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