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"Sorry... We Don't Do Requests!"

Well not on the night anyway. But please E-mail us with any requests for songs you think we should play at future gigs.

Over the past 11 years, the band have built up quite a portfolio of covers they have performed with a couple of original numbers too!!
Since learning any song is a major achievement for the band, you should be extremely grateful for the band's dedication and effort!

This list also contains links to some of the band's/artist's homepages.

Original Artist/
Version Covered

Song Title

In The
Set-List Today?

Beryllium's Comments
B-52s Rock Lobster No  
Billy Idol Rebel Yell Yes Rebel Yell is definitely one of the band's and crowd's best song!  This song really motors along and really gets the crowd going.  We started with White Wedding many years ago (another great song) and later learnt Rebel Yell.
White Wedding Yes
Blink 182 All The Small Things Yes Or as the band call it: 'Watch my weight gain'
What's My Age Again Yes
Blondie Maria Yes I bet you can't spot the lyric changes!  There's more one lyric changed by the way!  Don't point them out to your mother though.
Blues Brothers Everybody Yes The Blues Brothers songs have been in the set-list since the early days, back when the singers used to dress-up in the jackets, hats & Ray-Bans...  The 'good ol' days'!
 Everybody has always been a favourite of the crowds.  And we always get then to sit on the floor!  How we do it, nobody knows!  See our theories here.
Rawhide:  DUCK!  Incoming bottles!  We don't have the luxury of chicken wire, but luckily, the glasses are plastic!  More subtle lyric changes here.
Gimme Some Lovin' No
Rawhide Yes
Champs Tequila No One of the easier songs for the singer to learn the words to!  There's only three...  and they're all the same word!  This was always played in the interlude before Jon (The Leader!) came on stage for the Glitter Nos.
Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go No One from the early days of STB.  On the original set list I think.
David Bowie Suffragette City    
Department S Is Vic There? Yes  
Dodgy Staying Out For The Summer No  
Dr. Feelgood Milk And Alcohol No  
Eddie Cochran, The Sex Pistols (Sid Vicious) style Something Else No  
Elvis Costello Mystery Dance No Del's most favourite artist of all time!
Equals Baby Come Back No Brilliant song!  Punked up a bit from the original version.  Used to open up our set really well.
Garry Glitter I'm The Leader Of The Gang Rare This is where Jon is in his element!!!  After all, he IS the LEADER!!!
All the songs were on the original set list!
Don't forget...  We love him for the brilliant songs!!!
The best entrance was at Sandhurst (outside gig), where Jon (aka The Leader!) came racing across the fields on the back of a motor-cross bike carrying flares, hurtled through the crowd narrowly missing lots of people!  He is The Leader!!!
I love You Love Me Love Rare
Another Rock & Roll Christmas No
Rock & Roll Yes
Generation X King Rocker No This was a tricky one to sing for Jon!  good song though.
Gin Blossom Hey Jealousy    
Graham Parker And The Rumour Hold Back The Night No "Hold back the curtains..."
Green Day Basket Case Yes Our favourite second set opener!  Phil sings this one.  Always guaranteed to get the crowd bouncing off the ceiling!!!  It also includes the infamous Bass Guitar De-Tune!!!
Gun Word Up No  
Housemartins Happy Hour Yes Phil sings Happy Hour.
Jon sings We're Not Deep.
We're Not Deep Yes
Jags (I've Got Your Number) Back Of My Hand Yes An old favourite.  Phil sings this one.
Jam Down By The Tube Station At Midnight No Kinda difficult to play without keyboards these Jam numbers.  So when Squit left us, we had to drop them.
Strange Town No
Town Called Malice No
Jo Jackson I'm A Man No  
Got The Time No
Jock & The Bag-pipers Scotland The Brave No This was just a crazy idea that used to wreck the place!  We used to play it at the end of the gig and we played it as fast as we could!  The crowd used to go off like a spastic on fire!  They loved it!!!
Jonathan Richman Egyptian Reggae No Another Interlude instrumental we used to play before Glitter.
Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth No  
Katrina And The Waves Walking On Sunshine Yes This has become our trademark encore song and the crowd go spastic for it.
We start the song quite tamely with the volume turned down until the end of the first chorus and then Neill comes down a few chords and it gets a good punking up!  At this point the crowd go wild.
Due to the high-pitched whaaahhoooos required in the chorus, we usually leave these to the crowd or sometimes drag some tottie up on stage to help!!!  (Note:  I hassled the band for years to play this one!!!)
A great song, well done Katrina!
Kingmaker Ten Years Asleep No A one hit wonder.  Not a bad song.  Phil used to sing this one.
Kim Wilde Chequered Love Yes  
Simon & Garfunkle (Lemonheads version) Mrs Robinson No This punked-up version of the original is a pukka song.
Madness Madness Yes The Madness medley is a favourite with the crowd.  Usually the dance floor seems to fill instantly when 'MADNESS!' is shouted and the crazy dancing starts.
Night Boat To Cairo Yes
Malcolm Baldock Too Early Yes Malc's song written many years ago.  As Del will remind us every time, it's about school girls finding out about sex too early.
Martha And The Muffins Echo Beach Yes  
Original Mirrors Boys Cry Yes  
Primitives Crash Yes Jon always, very thoughtfully, dedicates this one to all the women at the gig.  This is the song from Dumb and Dumber...  Na na na na na na na na naaaa...
Proclaimers 500 Miles No We just weren't ginger enough to keep playing it!
Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love Yes The Queen medley has been in the set lists for a very long time.
With lots of Wembley-style reverb, We Will Rock You is a classic.  We always try and get everyone going with a bit of crowd participation in the form of clapping and hopefully, singing!  Sometimes Del's plea of 'your turn...' is met with an uncomfortable silence!  But it was the saviour at the Heathfield school gig with almost all the kids on stage with us!
We Will Rock You always ends by blending wonderfully, straight into Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
Crazy then bounces along with almost everyone singing along to the great song.
We Will Rock You Yes
Rich Kids Rich Kids No  
Righteous Brothers You've Lost That Loving Feeling No A tough one to do without singing it flat.  As proved just a couple of times!!!  This was one of the early songs and it was dropped years ago!!!
Romantics What I Like About You    
Ronettes Be My Baby No  
Ruts Babylon's Burning Yes  
Jah War No  
Secret Affair Time For Action No  
Shot To Bits No Not With You No Yes, these are songs that we've written!!!
Thank You No
The Jazz Club Number No
What Do You Want Yes
Slade Coz I Love You No Excellent song.  But needed someone on a violin...  which Squit used to do on his keyboard.  So we had to drop it.
Soft Cell Tainted Love Yes Pint of 'gizz' please landlord.  Our version gets punked up half way through.
Squeeze Is That Love No  
Sum 41 Fat Lip Yes See Del's Lips!
In To Deep Yes Dedicated to all the girls by Jon.
Supergrass Richard the 3rd No  
Terence Trent-D'Arby She Kissed Me No  
Thin Lizzy Dancing In The Moon Light No  
Tom Jones Delilah Yes It's the crowd's turn on this one.  Normally some poor suckers are dragged up on stage to sing along!  You should hear it in the headphones at the mixing desk!!!  Some of the singers are quite good...  But most are bloody awful!!!  And I'm afraid that the worst that I have ever witnessed in the headphones has to be a certain Mr. Wates, father of a drummer by the same name!!!  (Sorry Chris!)
Vapours Turning Japanese Yes Probably one of our trademark song.  The song about w**king (not a lot of people know that!).  The crowd love it every time.
Semisonic Closing Time No Lovely song.  Would have been great as a final encore song to calm down the masses, but it never made it there.

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