The Phenomenon... 'Everybody'

Who, what, where, how & why? we hear people asking at every gig...

Who the hell is going to listen to a bunch of pissed musicians, telling them to sit on the floor?!

What the f**k would make us even consider something that humiliating and stupid?

Where on earth would you sit your self down anyway?  The whole floor is a puddle of beer and sweat!

How would you get back up?  The vertical journey that late on in the evening is usually a one way affair.  Often with no return to the vertical!

Why...  Just why?!

...But people still do it.  And at almost every gig!

The beginnings:
Many years ago, Jon had the idea, for no other reason that a spontaneous bit of fun, that he would try and persuade everyone in the crowd to lie on their backs, on the floor and wave their arms and legs in the air, like dieing flies, during a quieted instrumental section of the classic Blues Brothers track, Everybody.  Jon, being the persuasive person he is, actually managed to pull this stunt off!  And it has been a mystery, how? ever since!

We have had occasions when we've had no participation whatsoever!  Often quite funny!

Our best participation ratio was the unforgettable Bewl Bridge Rowing Club gig with a staggering 98%.  Only 2 were left standing (well sitting actually) as they were holding a baby.  Alas, no photographic evidence has yet arisen of this amazing feat of persuasion...  Gutted!

At the Wadhurst 2000 Millennium gig,  as soon as the music started the whole crowd hit the floor without any prompting!  This left the band wondering what to do during the quiet instrumental bit.

Here's just few of the many photos we have as evidence.  I've got a lot of scanning to do to get them up here though!

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