Luxembourg vs. England
a true shot story

Brian, Malc, Nick (Malc's son), Jon & Mark (Jon's Boss) decided that they would travel to Luxembourg to see England thrash the pants off ''em at football...  thing's didn't quite go to plan...

Lux v England was great...

Forgot My passport.

Nick (aged 9) sick in my car!

Missed the Train!

Nearly in a riot!

Got wet!

England are crap!

Mark (Jon's Boss) put Petrol in my Diesel car!

Lost the train tickets!

Arrived Calais at 2.10am (too late for the 2.20)

Missed the 3.20 (overbooked)

Tried to get on the 4.20 and the petrol took over, car wouldn't start!

Just in time we got it going!

Arrived Wadhurst 5.15am,

Told Jon to leave my car at work, rather than me driving to Tonbridge and then back!

Forgot Debbie was in Brighton,

Woke up at 7.30am and remembered I had no car.

Called the emergency services (My Dad) for a lift.

Arrived Work 8.55am!

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