Brian's Stag Weekend
Redefining "Messy"

25 young men go on a small trip to Tenerife for Brian's stag night 4 nights!
These are just the highlights of what happened.

UPDATE!  I've managed to scan all 185 of the photos now, scroll to the bottom to see them all!

The line-up for the proceedings (from the left):
Dave 'Sharky', Paul 'arftash', Delbert, Squit (Paul), Jon, Brian 'Horse', Gnads (Adrian), Sim, ????, Neilley Peelly (in the white T-shirt), Aide, Beryllium (Rich), Gary, Big John, Chris, Batey (Steve), Phil 'Golden Bollocks', ????, Richard, Swaffer (Phil), Paul, Gooner 'The Leg-end' (Steve), Darren, Big Dave and Mark.

After arriving at our poor, un-suspecting apartment complex, we decided that we better quickly get a group photo before it was all to late and we all got karzied.

...and then we grabbed him!!!

Poor Brian was shackled!!!
Paul Otterway had knocked up a makeshift ball & chain...  or rather a 5 kilo weight, a padlock and a chain and bought it with him.  Christ knows what the customs guys thought of it, seeing it on the x-ray machine!?!?

...everywhere Brian went... His ball and chain went with him!
To the bar, the restaurants, the clubs, the loo, to bed!...  and even swimming!!!

He later resorted to cheating by hitching on his belt.  But looking like a tosser!
Apparently the chain was just a little too short, meaning that he had to stoop to carry the weight about with him.  I guess Brian, that this exclude you from being the missing link!  as your arm

So Brian had to set the pace... and that he did with vengeance!!!

...24 Redbulls and Vodka please landlord!
(Note 24 beers and not 25.  As Beryllium was under orders to stay stone-cold-sober to help him document the proceedings, as seen here)

Thing were now starting to get a little bit messy...

...24 beers please landlord!

Now after drinking the amount of alcohol that we drank, you'd expect to start seeing some strange thing...  But none the more strange than this Dime Bar Geezer in the night club, that got awfully exited and started bouncing up and down!!!???

Whilst all this was going on, Jon, meanwhile, was found in the apartment next door to his, befriending the neighbours.  Two very pleasant girls from the midlands.
Somehow, we can't work out how, he managed to convince them to show him their entire panty collection.  Which they did with such enthusiasm!!!  And let him try it all on... one by one.

Jon loved dressing up...

...and he even posed for the camera for us.

As the days ended, everyone returned to their apartments to get some 'token' sleep for an hour or two.

Oh look...  Here comes Brian now...!!!
Looking good son!!!  Looking like you know you should!!!


The mornings after were showing evidence of the amount of enjoyment they were all having.  So everyone decided to take it easy and lounge by the pool...

Big John in particular who just wanted to rest his head for a while (about 2 hours in this position! No joke!)

...but we couldn't let him lie!  He he!!!

Blimey!!! Not a beer in sight!  Only bottles of water for all.

Brian's going to kill me for this!
Don't worry Debs, it was all very innocent... Honest.

Good fun was had for all!!!


Two weeks later, Brian broke his leg playing football.

And two weeks after that he hobbled up the isle to take Deb's hand in marriage...  Ahhh!


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