Shot to bits was officially born on the 21st of December, 1991.  In the White Hart public house in Wadhurst, East Sussex.  In the UK.


The History of STB! Where do I start... well for those who know us or have seen us you will probably agree there is only one possible place to start such a captivating story and that is at the Bar! A bar in the French Ski resort of La Clusaz to be precise. This is where the concept of STB was born way back in 1991! Unlike most bands (not the only difference between us and other bands, musical talent being another obvious difference, well the lack of) where was I? Oh yes unlike most bands who get together and then struggle to get a suitable name we had the name before the band.

So where did it come from, the honour of this has to go to Dan Evamy who whilst on holiday with many of us set himself a target of getting drunk in an hour. After drinking many pints and shots of potent drinks he found himself in a bit of a state and was soon throwing his guts up and then continuing to cover all present in the mopped fluid. He then turned around with a strange look and declared he was 'Shot To Bits'. Jon commented on it being an excellent name for a band and that it would be a good idea to form one with Brian on Drums due to him being hyperactive and owning a set. Jon seeing himself as a singer as he was good at Gary Glitter impressions.

Commenting on this outrageous suggestion Andrew Dudley (Duds) replied Bet you don't, well this was like a red flag to a bull!



Clive & Cod doing the disco


Val d'Isere



Pre Shot To Bits



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