The White Hart, Buxted

OK so where were we! Oh yes a wedding in a Public house in Buxted, did I mention it was fancy dress! well it was, and yes you guessed it we dressed up as a bunch of tarts in glittery jackets and bright wigs.

On arrival we were a little worried as it seemed we were playing in a rather small conservatory. As we set up we were please to find that the sound was pretty good even though a little cramped.

The conditions were soon forgotten as Del & Phil crooned out the old favourites and the rest of us amazingly played along with few mistakes. Del was on form, probably due to the fact we stuffed our faces just before we went on (don't tell Sandra, he's suppose to be on a diet, I can't see why!!!!!)  Paul kept disappearing off stage using his radio pack (TART) and Malc had some trouble with his amp which had blown some valves. We believe this is due to Neill turning it up to 12. Squit and Phil were on one as per normal, and I was just hot and sticky! OOOHHHH.

All was going well in the second set and the crowd were really into it when the whole thing came crashing down around our ears when a guest singer for Delilah let rip live on stage. Well the smell caused fits of laughter from all the band and the song was kept together only by sheer luck. Finally the smell went although Phil had trouble seeing for the next three songs. The night was rounded off with the old favourite, Everybody, confused why this had been selected from the STB archives all was soon clear when the crowd, including the Nurse & the French Maid were invited to sit down and splay their legs to the beat. A hard task for anyone, especially when I'm on the drums! Phil got the closest to 'heaven' but mentioned it smelt a bit like the singer in Delilah.

Another highlight was then watching Rich reverse the van through about 6 parked cars in terrible conditions.

Anyway, a good night was had by all.

Reviewer: Brian.

Brian forgot to mention that Beryllium was the one that got the snog off the nurse at the end of the night.  His story is that he found the end of her stethoscope...  yeah, right!  Anyway, the rest of the band were green with envy!  (or was it alcohol poisoning...?)

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