Bewl Bridge Rowing Club
12th of February, 2010

We were anxious about our return to the BBRC, as we'd remembered that at our last gig there, Jon kept referring to them as Sailors or Yachtsmen... quite offensive apparently(?!)...  But they're a great bunch though, and they really got into it and loved the STB set (who doesn't eh!). It had been rumoured that we might be pulling a few oldies out of the bag... and after Paul had missed the last rehearsal... well Brian took the opportunity, with relish, to produce a fictitious Set List that produced a "I've just shat me-self" expression from Half-Tash when he saw it!!  There were several remarks about Sharkey's vertical striped shirt cascading over his gut... Brian remarked that the front stripes were considerably longer than the rear ones but The Shark nevertheless produced a flawless performance... more than could be said about the band. With Brian and Jon leaving for the French Alps at 5am in the morning, the van was packed in a bit of a hurry (eh Brian)... but not without the usual chuckle!

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