The White Rock, Hastings
5th of December, 2009

The Shots breezed into a wet and windy Hastings last Saturday (definitely the Seaside Town they forgot to shut down - thanks Mozza) complete with their hometown support who managed to give "Tin Tins", a local bar, a more than unexpected profitable evening - "shame about the Baubles eh Goon".  There were also some concerns about the colour of Del's urine but nevertheless the show must go on!

All the usual pre-gig antics took place, coupled with Brian's warning that over-indulgence could ruin the evening (as if) ..... but there was an air of confidence about the Shots after their successful appearance two years ago, and obvious gratitude at being invited back again by Soul-Xpress, after ducking out of last years "Sunday Night" invite!

Whilst the much talked about "Vicar" did not appear (apparently a lack of Dick Emery teeth and a bad case of "Farmers" put paid to his arrival)..... the Band took to the stage to an enthusiastic reception and opened to a rather apt rendition of "Scummy Man" by The Arctics, unfortunately minus an Amp (that Half-Tash had forgot to switch on)... with mind-blowing speed he rectified this and we were away...... The Moose was in terrific form, teetering on the edge of the stage, goading the crowd into a frenzy, and even Phil, despite Brian's earlier warning, had remembered his Line(s).
With a Backline (and waistbands) that are getting increasingly tighter, by the time their frantic one hour slot had ended, Hastings had once gain witnessed another memorable STB performance, prompting another immediate invite back next year from their hosts!

With Del still sweating in the Minibus on the way home, clutching his kebab he was heard to say "I'm gonna have a heart attack doing this one day"!
Was he talking about the Kebab or his earlier performance?
One thing is certain the Shots most definitely Live On ...(the edge maybe at times).

See ya next year Hastings!!

(Photos to come!)

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