18th of April, 2009

 A big thank-you to Becki and Mark for hiring the band for their anniversary, this was the bands 1stgig in over 9 weeks due to other commitments but It didn’t take them long to get into the swing of things just ask Malc as he put his foot right in it or should we say through it.

As many of you would know playing in village halls can be very tricky especially when it comes to getting the sound right, but after some tweaking  of dials the sound check went ok.

The band met at the Rose and Crown for some light refreshment before turning up to the gig which was in full swing thanks to matey on the disco.

As the band took to the stage Malc noticed that the P A wasn’t working which led to a ten minute delay until Jon yes Jon rectified the problem pure inspiration on Jon’s behalf.

The band played their usual 1st set without too many hiccups except for one “Les” moment brought to us via the nimble fingers of our lead guitarist Paul, the band are still mystified as to what he actually played.

The band included a new song in the 1st set which is a Stereophonics number called Dakota which the crowd seemed to enjoy as did the band.

As with most gigs the second set was a lot more lively thanks in part to an appreciative audience but mostly down to alcohol. the band continued to bang out the classics which have served them so well over the years.

At this point the band would like to thank Kelan a five year old boy who got up on stage and sang Monster with them he did his mother proud.

Once again a big thank-you to all who contributed their time and effort into making the evening go so well.


Phil (STB)

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