Crouch Yacht Club
1st of Feb, 2009

Gig review by Jon

The Sun is over the yard arm somewhere in the world. The Shots hit the road again this weekend ,this time to Essex more specifically Burnham on Crouch even more specifically Crouch Yacht Club. Expecting some white stilettos and aeroplane blonde's we were pleasantly surprised not a hair dresser in sight. We arrived at the Crouch Yacht Club not really knowing what to expect, our uncertainty was soon quashed by Katie our lovely host who made sure we had everything we needed including Beer, (its thirsty work driving to Essex ) We had to be set up and sound checked by six thirty as the Yacht fraternity were arriving then for their sit down meal and awards night. Our stage start time was ten so we had three and half hours to kill and yes you guessed it we went to the pub, The Oyster smack an unusual name for a pub (apparently its a boat) made us very welcome with good home cooked food and of course some fine ale, we had a couple in there then moved to the Railway ,not a good move as the pub was so brightly lit it was hurting Dells knew contact lenses, then a local decided to offer the barman out side, so we drank up and left, well nearly as we couldn't find Brian then we realised he had been in the kasi for ten minutes, needless to say we then knew he was in trouble for the night. We went on at about ten thirty as the awards ran over and the first few bars they were up and dancing ,especially a nice lunatic called Lee and his ship mates ,the crowd were a bit Cautious to start, but by the second set and a few more drinks in them they danced from start to finish .Had to be finished by twelve and by then the room was very sweaty but we enjoyed ourselves and hope the crowd did as well, packed away and on the road home not getting back till three thirty. Thanks to Katie the staff at Crouch Yacht Club all its members and guests who were there last night. You never know we might see you again.      

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