Darryl & Julie's Wedding
East Dereham

July 2003

First things first...  Some rations...  The type that come in cans of course.

And then some more as the first lot ran out...

The girls discussing their escape options

Jon looking as good as ever.

The Space Bus

Trouble feet...  The boys in the Space Bus reportedly heard a loud whistling emanating from the van...  Not sure what it was...  Perhaps something to do with the draught coming through the van's open windows...

Look...  An eagle!

A rare shot of Beryllium!  Here being collared by Del.

Let's just say that Phil was i little tired that evening after being awake for something like 30 hours.

Trouble looking 'All dressed up and nowhere to go' had to settle with hanging out with the band.

'Who's this dime-bar I'm standing next to???'  Thinks Beryllium...

So off to the Bull pub we went...

Jon pulled two of the local 'young tottie'...

Del's piss bag needed emptying.

Luckily Trouble managed to find the poor lost Del who had fallen behind the rest of the pack.

"Are you going to eat the box tonight Del???"  Inquires Sandra...

Making use of the Hotel's bar.

Jon giving Julie's sister some much needed choreography tips...

Julie's mother suggesting that the gig at her daughters wedding was to go without any hitches...  or else!  (note the neck grip!  No joke!)

Z z z z z z z....

Del just wanted to get some sleep!

Mmmm nice Arris' Delbert!

The old classic 'What noise does a whale make?' (as told to Trouble by Jon)

Trouble dancing round her handbag...

Everyone was having a right knees-up!

The uptake for the 'Everybody' dying flies routine was small but committed to the cause.

The newly-weds swinging their stuff!!!


The wedding party!

Julie 'on the microphone' (As Darryl would say)

I'm walking on sunshine...  Woo Hoo!

Sweating a bit aren't we Jon???
Trouble J thought Jon needed to cool down a bit with the help of a pint of water down the neck.

Brian's dancing never ceases to amaze us!


My, you're looking god Del!


Jon and Phil show everyone how it's done...  Perhaps one day the Shots might do a Quo number...  Hmmm...

And then a bit of Tiger Feet...  John took most of the song to finally work out the dance steps!  Sandra had to give him the necessary guidance.

Heeeeeeeeeey, Hey Baby!  Hoo... Ha!

Julie's sister really got in to the dancing that night after Jon's teachings the previous night.

Brian picking Darryl's nose...


Where's them pesky kids gone???

Trouble gets swept off her feet by prince(ss) charming

Jon in full swing
A perfect example of Jon's 'Granddad dancing at the wedding' move.

Didn't i see him on the Open University program on quantum physics last week?

Oh what a lovely tiara you have... and no, you don't look like a princess!

Paul having a rummage around to see if there are any presents worth 'alf-inchin'

Del had just been to the toilet and it looks like he got a bit of spray back...

Do you want ice with that?

It was a long night for some...


Phil with yet another groopie!

I didn't know Jon could play guitar?!  Here he is strumming his G string...

Watch where you put them hands Phil!

Phil 'dancing' with Julie's mother...  He still has the scars!

Crisps anyone?  As worn by Julie...  And trodden in by Phil.

Blimey!  Two shots of Beryllium in one gig report!

Erm... dunno if Harry is any good for heart-burn...  but it had to be tried...  dunno who's it was though...

Nine 0'-fcuking-Clock in the morning and the ferkin' bells start ringing!!!  Phil was not pleased at all as one of them was ringing out of time apparently.

Well it's time for the band to leave and Darryl makes sure we leave without the whole contents of each hotel room.

Wonder what they needed that big pump for???

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