Mayfield Music On The Meadow
July 2003

This was a big gig...  So there's a big review to go with it!!!  Enjoy:

Review Sent In By David Warren:

For anybody who wasn't give you a little insight into what this was all about.......this benefit concert event was organised and staged by the ordinary "people of Mayfield" as a tribute to a young boy who got tragically killed in a road accident a short time back. He was born and raised in Mayfield and was a very popular boy and had loads of friends......

The hot fine weather played a major role in helping to make this, not only a very well attended event (I reckon there was well over a thousand people there all the time I was there), but also an event that provided a wide range of diverse music styles by many top local - and not so local - bands. I must be very honest now and admit that I was absolutely blown away by the shear quality of ALL the groups that performed on the day. I was expecting a bit of a mish-mash group of very "amateur" bands.. but NO!....All the performers were major professionals with a very big capital "P". There was not one group or band that did not perform their hearts out - and all for free too! It was quality all way....the level and professionalism of the groups was amazing! It would be very wrong, and indeed bearing in mind the reason for the event, to pick one band out and say who was best.....Music is a very subjective and personal art form and I dare say everyone there had their own "favourite" on the day. I wouldn't...they were all truly excellent, and if the event just happened to be staged again next year (fingers & toes crossed!).....I would strongly urge EVERYBODY to get yourselves off down to Mayfield Meadow for a real treat. Miss it at your peril.....I would happily walk there next year if I had to....and I live in Orpington!!!

Right.... now onto Shot To Bits.....

They were on last and came on stage around 11pm and sang and played their way through several songs.....Again I must admit that I had never heard of them before Saturday, but judging from the local audience reaction when their name was announced - I was very much in the minority. They obviously have a VERY strong and loyal local following....which I soon realised was more than justified. They performed with an alarming and rare degree of energy and was plain to see why they were put on as the headline I said before...ALL the groups were very, very good.....but Shot To Bits managed to raise the musical standards just enough to place themselves in a different league. They were much more than GOOD! I could mention individual group members as being particularly outstanding.....but that would be unfair to the remainder of the band....I mean how many people rank bass or drum players as "exciting"? Not many I guess.....but just as important as the three (yes three!) mad lead singers in my is after all a "group" effort.......I doubt whether you will ever see these boys in the charts.....they are just too damn good..... To award marks....10/10 for effort.....10/10 for musical ability....10/10 for entertainment value - and 11/10 overall. They don't come any better than these boys...... If you ever get the chance to see them.......GO!......I most certainly will......


Review By Brian (Apparently he's the drummer...)

It is very difficult to know where to start as this was a very exciting gig for us. You may have already read the review from the journalist but I thought it would be good to give our review.

As with all outside gigs, it can be very difficult to get the sound right, but from the comments we have had, the guys from SRD (Dave out front & Stu on monitors - Ed) aided by our very own “Beryllium” did a great job not just for us, but for all the bands. I must also say that I enjoyed all the bands which offered a wide spectrum of music.  I especially enjoyed the young band with all there own music; they played well and had great stage presence, I am sure they will do well.

Now back to the bunch of no hopers or as you know them, STB, satisfied with not making it any more than we already have we were honoured to be given the last slot. This may have been due to the fact that we never start on time, but it also meant the organisers took a big risk, as an 11pm start was asking for a potential nightmare if we got our drinking heads on.  Luckily for them and us, we all, yes, even the singers, refrained from over doing it.  I still witnessed a number of Kron’s going down but it was a long afternoon!!

Going on at 11pm, part of our job was already done and the crowd were well and truly up for it.  Even Gadget and his harmonica could have raised an applause.  Despite this we were keen to perform well and despite a few dodgy moments we held it together well.  The main thing for me was that the band was into it and having a great time.  The sound on stage was great and there was a great atmosphere from the crowd which just added to the enjoyment.  I am sure that Lawrence was smiling down on us and it was a privilege to be involved.

We would like to thank the fantastic organisation of the Mayfield team as well as the Sound and Lighting guys who did a great job as always, the other bands and the crowd for making the event so good. I also thank the rest of STB for making it such a laugh, and that is the last 12 years nit just this gig, you are truly a fun bunch of bear drinking nutcases.

When we had finished all we had to clear up was the back line, as usual the singers were off and left the rest to clear up. A sudden crash landing from my rock star status, I do believe that this is the closest I have ever been to it and am still buzzing!




The photos:
Two lots:  1st Sharkey's  & 2nd Gadgets!

Here's our own photos taken by Beryllium and during the gig by our staff photographer: Sharkey!

Our stage for the night.

Assistant Sound Bird Trouble J and her mate Sarah were soaking up every ray of sunshine they could

Beryllium had another chance to play on a grown-up's mixing desk!
"Please Brian, can we buy one...  They're only £35k"

Our wonderful venue before all the riff-raff turned up.

To remove the need for the trauma of shoe-horning, Del got his own specially made Delbert-sized Port-a-loo.  (it the one on the right by the way)

The Band turned up to see the whole day... or at least to drink for the whole day!

Brian was adamant that it was his daughter Alexandra who painted his nail...  Bollocks!

Ooh, a balloon!

(Stitch, stitch, stitch...)


That boy knows how to dance!!!  Can't wait 'til he learns to be drum!

Note the beer perched on the gut.

Well all the other bands played really well in the afternoon and evening and then it was the turn of the shots...


Brian again found a little helper (sneaked onstage without a pass!!) to help sound check the kit and to give him some encouragement throughout the gig! (you'll see him hiding behind the drums further down...)
His parents looked on but were blissfully unaware where he was as they transfixed by the singers!(?)

Ooh the balloon all lit up!

But first of all...  All the bands joined together on stage to sing the anthem for the gig dedicated to Lawrence.

The crowd eagerly await the shots...


And they're off!

Garry Glitter more like Tina Turner come on stage!

Ooh, ahh...  fireworks...

But we haven't finished!!! 

We squeezed in a couple more before the midnight deadline.


Well the gig ended...  and then Jon got a phone call from his brother Adie... "I'm sitting in my local with Megs, Baz and Gregor by the way!"  Jon's old buddies from when working in Val d'Isere had come down to a wedding in Sandhurst... So we packed up the gear and popped over to see them.

Look out, Baz is in town!  Better hope the wheels are still on the car when we leave!

Hello Megs!

Jon, Baz, Gregor and Megs have a quick Sambuca for the road.

Jo (who was very, very pissed) tries and fails to get her leg over Baz

Gregor had had a couple to drink as well!

Megs, always looking the perfect chap as usual.

Let's just say that Jo lost the keys and we'll leave it at that.



Here's Gadget's Photos!!!
(Gadget is Brian's dad by the way!)
I've left them in one block to give your eyes a feast of colour (Thanks to the brilliant lights buy the SRD guys)
Some of these photos do have comments...  but you have to hover yer mouse over them to see them.

The anthem to start with...And they're off!  Reble Yell starts off the set explosively!Is that Del pissing on the drum kit???Breath Del, breath!!!Boing!Daddy!Brian's ear reverberating due to the 'kin big drim monitor sat next to him!Great stance Phil!A great Bono pose...Bouncey bouncey bouncey...Brian 'No Hands' WatesI'm sure that's Tina Turner you know...Yeah, it fcuking is Tina Turner!!!Pyros!

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