The White Hart

April 2003


Trouble J (aka 'Lucky' according to Brian) having a snooze on the way to the gig.  She had been burning her candle from both ends doing to many DJing gigs.

"Let sleeping Lucky lie..."  ???...  No Chance!

Trouble J desperately trying not to look like she's been dragged through a hedge backwards!

Seen that chair somewhere before???  It was supposed to go on a journey into T. Wells, but it refused to get in the Sprinter, so back in the old van it goes!

Jon see's red after spotting Brian snogging Del!!!
Cos we all know Jon likes snogging Del himself (see here!)

Poor Smithy...

Brian has some more fun with Smithy and his beer...


Brian by this time was very, very pissed...  so much so that he was literally 'Legless'.  Unfortunately he managed to fall over the equipment on the floor and fell straight into he kick drum case!!!  Jon then seized his opportunity to give his arse a whipping, smashing his Brian's mobile phone in the process!!!

It's Atlas!

Three of Brian's drums: (from left to right) 12" tom, kettle drum & floor tom.

Trouble J working up a sweat with Phil.

Nice hat Brian!

Would you buy a car off of either of these two???

You have to realise that Brian had drunk an awful lot more by this stage but was still standing!!!

Brian discovers the 'Elixir Of Life':  Kronenbourg!!!

Brian loses his bottle.

Brian... or is it a 'Swedish Mountain Boy' finally getting a soaking by Jerry...
(Jon, wasn't Heidi Swiss?)

Jon sporting a rather gay jizzum stain.

The copious pints of lager take effect.

Now there's a thing...  Trouble J asleep in the car!

Wow, we got a lovely email from Jerry & Lin from the White Hart, thanking us for the good gig...  Even after Brian's behaviour!!!

From: 'The White Hart'
Sent: 21 April 2003 01:04
Subject: (no subject)

excellent evening, thankyou all ,, and u richie. brian hope u made the i of w
ok, what a nutter u where , lin says thanks 4 the extra washing ,, my shirts
normally last 2 days.

thank u all ,, excelent..
and so u should be ..
jerry, lin and all @ the white hart.

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