Crowborough Club
March 2003

Eeek!!! we know all these???

Chin chininey, chin chininey, chin chin chin-ee...

Phil commends Del on the deep throat action!  But Jon is disgusted by the whole thing as Del finally gags from the smell of the mic shield he had in his mouth!!!


Sandra fetches Del a Beck's.  Del has obviously got Sandra very well trained!

The multi-talented Phil, proving that he can pour beer and look like he's singing, both at the same time!

Brian was kept in-check that night by Tom, the drumming auditor.  Things were going so but, sadly, as you can see, the gig finished all too soon.

Sharkey, being the cunning shark he is, spent most of the night snapping shots of the long-lost pair of groupie girls that had returned to see us after several years.
As you can see his cunningness extends to turning off the camera flash so that they don't know the candid shot are being taken!  Very cunning!!!
But Sharkey was gutted at the end of the night, when Jon and Phil snuck off to Bugatti's Nightclub with them to check out the Lesbanian theory.  Report to follow...  UPDATE!!! Here's the report:

Well done lads great gig on Saturday. A big thanks to Jon and Phil for a very entertaining evening, great movers (on the dance floor!!) after being in their company for a while we have now realised that lesbianism is not to be knocked!!!. Look forward to seeing you all again at the next gig.

From two dedicated Shot to Bits Groupies. xx

WOW!  Head up Jon and Phil!!


Woo Hoo!!!
The crowd sang along to 'Walking On Sunshine' so well that Phil actually came!

A small scale stage invation ensured the band returned for the encore.

And on strutted... The Leader!

Thanks again to Lee for organising the gig.

As will all good gigs, the floor was well populated with dying flies when the familiar tune of 'Everybody' was heard...

Unfortunately, Del never managed to get back up off the floor after Everybody.  And remained there until about a hour after the gig finished when kebab was mentioned!

Right.  Who gave Jon the fire extinguisher...?  Ah, it was Brian!

Quality!!!  One for the pen!

Brian proving once again, that he is a lightweight!!!

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