Canterbury College Student Union Bar
March 2002

It all started a bit slowly, as usual, with Jon giving them encouragement (i.e. "F***ing sing for f*** sake!!!")

We were honoured that Canterbury College's 'Dance Troop' had turned up that night and put our singers dancing to shame!

As usual, the crowd participation during 'Everybody' was gob-smacking!

OK, she looked like something off of a street corner, and as Jon pointed out, "They shouldn't be that low down should they???", but we could not fault her singing talent!  She had a fantastic voice and made our singers sound as flat as Holland (wot's new!).  Here, her and her mate helped us out with Delilah.  See if you can spot Jon ramming his mic down the poor bloke's throat!

Here we see the result of the large quantities of alcoholic beverages that were drunk...  in the form of lots of weeing

Hoorah!  the kebab man was still in Hawkhurst!

Unfortunately all the excitement was too much for Brian and Phil, as they crashed out in the van, missing out on the almost cooked kebabs

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