Big Squeeze's Gig
With us supporting
Royal Victoria Hall, Southborough
August 2001

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Gig Review

It was a first for STB, as we were first up on stage, which was handy, as Phil had to be at work by ten!  It was also very nice to turn up and only have a little bit of equipment to set up (I know what it's like to be a singer now!).

It was a Big Squeeze gig and we were glad to oblige in getting the crowd warmed up for them.

They also kindly provided a big box of beer.  Unfortunately Mike decided that he would fill it full of water only to find it had a hole in it and flooded the dressing rooms!

A few new numbers and on the whole a very enjoyable gig, we also had the chance to relax and drink and watch the BS in action...  Fantastic!


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The band on stage.

Quite a big stage too!

With a light show, their own monitor mix and everything!!!

bs_2001-08-24_21-28-19.jpg (24822 bytes) Brian couldn't believe his luck when he found himself having off-stage, finished their set and the bar was still open, and for another 2 whole hours too!!!   ...better grab a beer or two just in case it does shut!

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