Heathfield & Waldron Rugby Football Club
April 2001

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Gig Review

As you can imagine it was a nervous day for the Shots having not played for a while.  The ranks were a little concerned at how rusty we would be.  Even putting the set list together was difficult and we were unsure what to start with!

As always the singers led the way and started the evening with some fine Strong German Lager. All of a sudden it was like old times and the drinks flowed. Oh yes and of course some of the old classics.

Not our best performance but it appeared the crowd enjoyed themselves.

Gooner was impressing everyone with his mathematics and big Cashmore, newly appointed as Director of Rugby, was as always a huge influence on the evening although we are pleased to say left his tackle out of sight.

It was certainly good to be back and to have all of us together again, it was also a relief that the equipment still worked.

Of course the evening would not have been complete without a rather special souvenir for the studio [see above].

Thanks for those who made the effort and good luck to H&WRFC on tour.

We look forward to our next gig with some new numbers. That's right it is going to happen!



More photos to follow...

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