Lux 98
The Britannia Pub, Luxembourg.


neilljonphilinbed_lux.jpg (53235 bytes)
Niell, Jon and Phil make use of the hotel's pay TV!

jonbigwhitetelephoneyaking_lux.jpg (33563 bytes) jonbigwhitetelephone_lux.jpg (48404 bytes)
Jon always likes to prepare for a gig by having a good hurl!  Beer and fairground rides don't seem to mix that well!

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A packed Britannia Pub greet the band.

boyssinging_lux.jpg (42355 bytes)
Del and Jon play air-trumpets(?!?!?) while Phil sings.

beersockareyousure_lux.jpg (39879 bytes) beersock_lux.jpg (44857 bytes) beersockwinner_lux.jpg (48457 bytes)
Now it's time for...  Drinking a pint through a sweaty sock!  Hosted by Brian.

Del pissing?
Half way through and Del shocks Jon by having a piss on stage!

What the f**k are you doing with your feet Jon?

Gooner on stage.  Phil having nose picked.
Gooner make yet another stage appearance.  Meanwhile, Phil enjoys the relief of having his nose picked by one of the crowd.

everybodyonthefloof_lux.jpg (60690 bytes)
Who needs singers anyway!

phildaughterdelilah_lux.jpg (44362 bytes)
Jon & Del snigger as Phil's legs give way!

Jon gets irate, Phil pleads and Del laughs as the guest singers do their best singing Delilah.

jonglitter_lux.jpg (56212 bytes)
The Leader returns!

Frank the German
Brian's workmate: Frank the German with friends.

The Landlord.  Cheers!
The Landlord.  Cheers!

The Barstuards
The Barstuards.  What a mammoth task they had keeping the band topped up with beer!

jonphillandlorddaughter_lux.jpg (50029 bytes) wifedaughter_lux.jpg (54503 bytes) wifelittledaughterasleep_lux.jpg (52873 bytes)
The landlord's family enjoying every minute!

willondrums_lux.jpg (60444 bytes) daughterondrums_lux.jpg (69515 bytes)
The Landlord's kids on drums (Will and ...)

sharkysquitkiss_lux.jpg (47158 bytes)
Paul looks on as a couple of sailors snog outside the pub... wait a minute!...  that's... that's Sharky & Squit!!  Errrrgh!

Del packing up!
The first time Del's been caught on film packing up!

The band return to the van to find Steve unconscious after swamping his trousers.  Tina kindly lent him her top to wear instead!

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